Hello there and thanks for stopping by my personal fitness page! My name is Courtney King and I am more than excited to share my story with you all! Hopefully I will be able to help you along your fitness journey and accomplish your goals! So let’s begin…

Fitness for me has always been something I have loved. Growing up I stayed very active and was constantly in sports. Soccer, gymnastics, swim team, basketball, cross country and more. I was very well rounded and loved staying active! I soon got into high school and focused more of my attention on track I ran the 400 and 800 and loved it.

It was about 2011 when I had a women approach me in the gym and ask “Do you compete?!” at this time I was a Jr. in high school and didn’t know what she was talking about. She then explained to me what competing was and I was very interested. I was 16 years old when I got my first gym membership I always remember going into the gym and not really knowing what I was doing.

Luckily my mom and dad showed me a lot about the weight room and lifting with ‘weights’ that not every 16-year-old teenage girl knows a lot about. I thought “Okay, I should come into the gym and run an hour a day and that’s it right?!” WRONG!

There is so much more you can do in the gym then just get on a treadmill and run! Not saying that is bad if that is your goal to train for a marathon or be a runner but my goal was then focused on competing! I really started getting serious about competing and was SO determined to accomplish my goal. My goal was set HIGH for my age and I knew the sport was growing and there was a lot of great competition. I said “By the time I graduate high school I want to become an IFBB Pro” … So I did. 😉

I truly believe your body will quit before your mind will. YOU can do anything you set your mind to and you really can accomplish all that you strive to do.

“If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want will be the sacrifice”

I stepped on stage at my first show in 2011 being 17 years old. I took 1st place in the teen division. 

I was not satisfied with only competing in a teen division, I wanted to do more and I wanted to compete against more women that were older and that I thought would bring a better competitive edge to the stage!

Soon after that I was in love with changing and building my body and then competed at my 2nd show which was the Jay Cutler Classic. I was then a senior in high school and took 1st place in my class and the overall! I was shocked and ecstatic that I did my first regional show and qualified for a national level show right off the bat. I ended up turning pro at the 2012 NPC USA’S in Vegas that year at 18 years old the summer I graduated high school.

I believe I did sacrifice some things that ‘normal’ high school and college kids do. I didn’t go out all the time, I brought food with me to the cafeteria every day, I was in bed early and not out late, I took the time to prep my meals and stay on track with school and my training, I lost friends along the way, I was tired and not always feeling the best but I pushed through and gave it my all and it soon led me to accomplish my goal.

At 19 years old I competed in my first IFBB Pro show placing second, I competed a month later and took the overall qualifying for the 2013 Bikini Olympia. Lots of people ask me “how did you move up so fast competing and in the industry?” I always respond with one word… and that is WORK. Nothing in life is handed to you!

The best way to predict the future is to create it! Nothing in life comes easy, especially success. If you want something go out and get it. To accomplish what you desire no matter what it is, you have to put in the work, time, effort, determination and sacrifice or you will not get there.

We all go through ups and downs and I first hand have experienced what lots of people, men and women deal with… BODY IMAGE!

Yes, I have been the skinny girl, I have been the normal looking girl and I also have been the girl who has REBOUNDED bad from excessive dieting, cardio, physical and emotional stress. Yep, you heard that right. Have I gained 25lbs post contest from running my body into the ground and not having a healthy balance with life and training. I was extremely depressed and suffered from some family issues in 2014 along with my weight gain and didn’t compete at all. I wanted to give up and never step back on stage again. I couldn’t focus, I was doing bad in school, binge eating, having anxiety…all because mentally I was not healthy!

SO many people I see now get into the fitness industry and develop such bad habits! From over training, developing eating disorders, and not taking care of first and foremost their emotional and mental aspects of their life. I’m sure the list goes on and on, competing and getting in shape for YOU and to be healthy is the #1 priority.

The fitness industry should not consume your life! Fitness and feeling good about yourself should be a part of your life but not control your mind and other aspects of it. I firmly believe in balance and I know many people say it but its true! I have come to find balance in my life while looking good, competing, working, dating, school and spending quality time with my family and friends along the way!

If you only focus on ONE goal and ONE aspect of your life other parts of your life will start to fail and that is when you will fail. Working with me you will have time to do the things you love while also feeling great about yourself along the way. When you can accomplish having a positive and healthy mind set your body will follow!

I do not believe in an “off season” where you cut for a show and get super super lean then gain 15-20lbs back right away after your done competing. Yo-yo dieting like that is NOT HEALTHY! I believe in time OFF if you’re looking to compete and of course gaining some healthy weight post show but not blowing up. Having a well-balanced nutrition plan and training for a healthy body and mind will give you the most beneficial outcome! Learn to love the journey and process along the way.

Whatever you are looking to accomplish as far as losing weight, putting on weight, gaining muscle, gaining strength, competing or just looking to get in shape for yourself I am here to help! Accountability is crucial when striving for progress. Only YOU can out in the work that is necessary for accomplishing what you set your mind to do, but I am here to help you along the way and guide you to be the best possible YOU!


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IFBB Professional Placings:


Arnold Australia – 2nd

IFBB Hawaii Pro – 1st

IFBB Arnold Classic – 2nd



IFBB Korean Grand Prix- 1st


IFBB Arizona Pro Wings of Strength- 1st

IFBB Arnold Australia- 5th

IFBB Arnold Classic Bikini International- 5th

IFBB Elvs Prague Pro- 2nd



IFBB Korea Grand Prix- 2nd

IFBB Bikini OLYMPIA- 3rd

IFBB Puerto Rico Pro- 2nd

IFBB Dennis James Classic- 1st

IFBB New York Pro- 3rd

IFBB Pittsburgh Pro- 5th



IFBB Arnold Bikini International- 7th



IFBB Bikini OLYMPIA- 7th

IFBB Tampa Pro- 1st

IFBB Pro Power House Classic- 3rd

IFBB Pro Europa Games- 1st

IFBB Pro Battle on the Beach- 2nd

NPC & Regional Level Shows


NPC Jay Cutler Classic – 1st OPEN & OVERALL

NPC Jr. USAS – 13th

Jr. Nationals – 7th

Team Universe – 3rd

NPC Teen, Collegiate, & Masters National Championships – 1st OPEN & OVERALL




Teen National Championships – 1st

“Success is actually a short race – A sprint fueled by discipline, just long enough for habit to kick in and take over.”